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How to take part in the Erasmus programme


  • You can apply if you are a full-time BSc Business Management student at the School of Business and Management
  • You  can apply during year 1 of your studies at the School of Business and Management, and take part in the Erasmus Exchange Programme in year 2
  • You can take part in the Erasmus Exchange Programme if you have an average of 2:1 or above


You can study abroad for one semester with the possibility of extending your stay to two semesters. Due to the timetabling of the exam period at Queen Mary you can only go either in the first semester (autumn) or for the duration of whole year (autumn and spring). You cannot apply to go for the second semester (spring) only.

Application procedure

If you are eligible and interested in applying:

  1. Visit the websites of our partner universities.
  2. Look at their modules.
  3. Prepare a study plan: what interests you? Is there a particular area you intend to explore?
  4. Submit your study plan and, if available, a transcript of your results alongside a cover a letter where you explain why you want to study abroad, where you want to study, and what modules you are interested in. Submit by email to Salman Uddin at by TBC. The School will then contact you to arrange an interview if necessary. If demand is high the School will need to select nominees base on the strength of your application. It is advisable to consider a second option should places in your first choice be in high demand.
  5. After the School has sent the nominations to the partner universities, the nominees may be contacted by the partner universities to complete a separate application/enrolment/registration form. The deadline for completing the application/enrolment/registration procedures of the partner universities is indicated below. Please check deadline dates with partner Universities in case they change
  6. Sign up to a language course at Queen Mary - although most of our partners offer modules taught in English, you will need some basic language skills to get by.

Module selection advice

When choosing your modules abroad you need to check that they carry the required amount of credits for the semester or year. A credit is a unit of measure of the hours of study required to complete the course at QMUL, you normally accumulate a total of 60 ECTS credits per semester and 120 credits per year. In Europe, these are equivalent to 30 ECTS credits per semester and 60 credits per year. Each module at our School carries 15 credits, and you pick 4 modules per semester. European universities have their own system: for instance, many modules carry 6 credits, and to reach the 30 credits for the semester you must enrol on 5 modules. When looking at the module catalogues, verify the number of credits awarded by each module and build your study plan accordingly. More information can be found under the ‘course load’ sections of the individual fact sheets published by our partners.

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