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Professor Michael Rowlinson
Professor of Organization Studies

Location: Mile End, Building, Room 4.09
Phone: +44 (0)20 7882 6323
Fax: +44 (0)20 7882 3615
Website: Sabbatical period: September 2014 - August 2015

Research interests:

Michael’s research interests are in Organisation Theory, Critical Management Studies, as well as Management and Organisational History. He has explored the tensions between Organisation Studies and Business History, and his last major research project, funded by the ESRC under the Evolution of Business Knowledge Programme, explored the relation between documentary corporate history and knowledge management, examining how companies use historical knowledge of the past in the present.

He is co-editor of the Special Topic Forum of the Academy of Management Review on History and Organization Studies: Toward a Creative Synthesis.

He is an editorial board member for Management & Organizational History, the journal he co-founded in 2006, Business History, Organization, and Organization Studies.


Journal articles: 

Rowlinson, M., Harvey, C., Kelly, A., Morris, H., & Todeva, E. (2013) Accounting for Research Quality: Research Audits and the Journal Rankings Debate. Critical Perspectives on Accounting. (available online).

Rowlinson, M. & Hassard, J. (2013) Historical neo-institutionalism or neo-institutionalist history? Historical research in management and organization studies. Management & Organizational History 8:2.

Rowlinson, M. & Hassard, J. (2011) How come the Critters came to teaching in Business Schools? Contradictions in the institutionalization of critical management studies Organization 18(5), pp.673-689.

Hassard, J., Wolfram Cox, J. & Rowlinson, M. (2013) Dialogue. Where are the Old Theories of Organization? Prospects for Retrospection in Organization Theory. Academy of Management Review 38(2), pp.309-13.

Rowlinson, M., Booth, C., Clark, P., Delahaye, A., & Procter, S. (2010) Social Remembering and Organizational Memory. Organization Studies 31(1), pp.69-87
Rowlinson, M. & A. Delahaye (2009) The Cultural Turn in Business History. Enterprises et Histoire 55 (Juin), pp.90-110

Booth, C., Rowlinson, M., Clark, P., Delahaye, A. & Procter, S. (2009) Scenarios and counterfactuals as modal narratives. Futures 41: pp.87-95

Delahaye, A., Booth, C., Clark, P., Procter, S., & Rowlinson, M. (2009) The Genre of Corporate History. Journal of Organizational Change Management Special Issue on Historical Approaches in Organizational Research. 22(1), pp.27-48

Book chapters: 

Rowlinson, M., Hassard, J. & Mohun, S. (forthcoming 2010) ‘Research Audits and their Financial Consequences’, chapter 8 in Cassell, C. & Lee, B. (eds.) Challenges and Controversies in Management Research. Routledge.

Hassard, J. & Rowlinson, M. (forthcoming 2010) ‘The Development of Critical Management Studies’, chapter 13 in Cassell and Lee.

Rowlinson, M., Stager Jacques, R., & Booth, C. (2009) Critical Management and Organizational History. in Alvesson, M., Willmott, H., and Bridgman, T. (eds.) Handbook of Critical Management Studies. Oxford University Press. pp.286-303

Booth, C., Clark, P., Delahaye, A., Procter, S. & Rowlinson, M. (2009) Modal Narratives, Possible Worlds, and Strategic Foresight. in Costanzo, L.A. and MacKay, R.B. (eds.) Handbook of Research on Strategy and Foresight. Edward Elgar. pp.113-127

Rowlinson, M., Clark, P., Delahaye, Booth, C. & Procter, S. (2008) The Uses of History as Corporate Knowledge. ch.16 in Harry Scarbrough (ed.) The Evolution of Business Knowledge. Oxford: Oxford University Press. pp.339-356

Editorials and reports:

Rowlinson, M. in association with Harvey, C., Kelly, A., Kestinova, D., Morris, H., & Todeva, E. (2010) Business History in the UK Research Assessment Exercise. Guest Editorial, European Business History Association (EBHA) Newsletter June, pp.4-12

Harvey, C. Kelly, A., Morris, H. & Rowlinson, M. (eds.) (2010) Association of Business Schools Academic Journal Quality Guide version 4

Kelly, A., Morris, H., Rowlinson, M. & Harvey, C. (eds.) (2009) Association of Business Schools Academic Journal Quality Guide version 3.

Review Essays: 

Rowlinson, M. (forthcoming) Organizational Memory: Narrative Control and Resistance. Ephemera. Review of David M. Boje (2008) Storytelling Organizations London: SAGE

Rowlinson, M. (2009) Business History 51(2), March, pp.292-94. Review of G. Jones and J. Zeitlin, eds. (2007) The Oxford handbook of business history

Rowlinson, M. (2008) From Marxism to Critical Management Studies. Ephemera 8(2) pp.204-210 Review of Alex Callinicos (2006) The Resources of Critique. Cambridge: Polity.

Postgraduate teaching:

Courses delivered:
BUSM003: Dissertation
BUSM027: Research Methods for Business and Management


PhD 1st Supervisor:

Mrs. Marissa Joseph

Ms. Katrina Barker

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