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Professor Michael Rowlinson

Professor of Organization Studies

Tel: +44 (0)20 7882 6323
Location: Room 4.09, Bancroft Building, Mile End Campus


Michael  Rowlinson

Student drop-in and feedback hours
Tuesday 10:00 - 12:00



Research interests:

Michael’s research interests are in Organization Theory, Critical Management Studies, as well as Management and Organisational History, and he has explored the tensions between Organization Studies and Business History in a series of articles.

He is a Senior Editor for Organization Studies and an editorial board member for the Academy of Management Review, Business History, Management & Organizational History, the journal he co-founded in 2006, and Organization. He is currently co-editing a Special Topic Forum of the Academy of Management Review on History and Organization Studies: Toward a Creative Synthesis.


Recent Journal articles: 

Rowlinson M, Harvey C, Kelly A, Morris H, Todevae E (2014) “Accounting for research quality: Research audits and the journal rankings debate”, Critical Perspectives on Accounting

Rowlinson M, Casey A, Hansen PH, Mills AJ (2014) “Narratives and memory in organizations”, Organization, 21(4): 441-446

Rowlinson, M. Hassard, J. & Decker, S. (2014) Research Strategies for Organizational History: A Dialogue between Organization Theory and Historical Theory. Academy of Management Review 39(3), pp.250-274.

Hassard, J., Wolfram Cox, J. & Rowlinson, M. (2013) Dialogue. Where are the Old Theories of Organization? Prospects for Retrospection in Organization Theory. Academy of Management Review 38(2), pp.309-13.

Rowlinson, M., Harvey, C., Kelly, A., Morris, H., & Todeva, E. (In Press, Corrected Proof, Available online 25 June 2013) Accounting for Research Quality: Research Audits and the Journal Rankings Debate. Critical Perspectives on Accounting.

Rowlinson, M. & Hassard, J. (2013) Historical neo-institutionalism or neo-institutionalist history? Historical research in management and organization studies. Management & Organizational History 8(2), pp.111-126.

Procter, S. & Rowlinson, M. (2012) From the British Worker Question to the Impact of HRM: Understanding the Relationship Between Employment Relations and Economic Performance. Industrial Relations Journal 43:1 pp.5-21.

Rowlinson, M. & Hassard, J. (2011) How come the Critters came to teaching in Business Schools? Organization 18(5), pp.673-689.

Rowlinson, M., Booth, C., Clark, P., Delahaye, A., & Procter, S. (2010) Social Remembering and Organizational Memory. Organization Studies 31(1), pp.69-87.

Rowlinson, M. & A. Delahaye (2009) The Cultural Turn in Business History. Enterprises et Histoire 55 (Juin), pp.90-110.

Booth, C., Rowlinson, M., Clark, P., Delahaye, A. & Procter, S. (2009) Scenarios and counterfactuals as modal narratives. Futures 41: pp.87-95.

Delahaye, A., Booth, C., Clark, P., Procter, S., & Rowlinson, M. (2009) The Genre of Corporate History. Journal of Organizational Change Management Special Issue on Historical Approaches in Organizational Research. 22(1), pp.27-48.

PhD Supervision

Current Doctoral Students
1st Supervisor - Marrisa Joseph, Katrina Barker (PT), Zhihui Bi.
2nd Supervisor - Muhammad Riaz (PT)

PhD Supervision Completions
Dr Marina Michalski, 2008

Public engagement

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