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Alain Wouassom

 Alain Wouassom


+44 (0)20 7882 2691
Location: Mile End, Bancroft Building, Room 4.25h

1st Supervisor: Professor Gulnur Muradoglu
2nd Supervisor: Professor Nick Tsitsianis
CV:Alain Wouassom CV [PDF 318KB][PDF 318 KB]

Project Title: 

"Momentum/contrarian trading strategies: Implication for risk-sharing and informational efficiency of security markets"

Project Description: 

Alain has worked on a very interesting behavioural finance topic. His PhD work focuses on momentum and contrarian strategies worldwide. 

He has shown in his first two empirical chapters that both strategies are significant in producing excess returns, using data from more than 45 countries, and assuming that traders now can switch back and forth from one country to the other in designing worldwide strategies. 

He is currently working on this third chapter where he is introducing risk factors for the world and testing if excess returns remain when world-risk is accounted for.


Alain is a PhD student and Teaching Assistant in Finance at Queen Mary, University of London. He holds an MSc with Distinction in Investment Management from Coventry University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Monetary and Banking Economics. Alain research interests are diverse and focus on international financial markets, portfolio management, financial economics, banking efficiency and corporate finance. 

Alain recent research works explore the profitability of the momentum and contrarian strategy internationally. Alain has an excellent background in both econometric methodology and programming. Due to his extremely successful work during his PhD studies, Alain was awarded the American Finance Association (AFA)'s doctoral grant in 2015, a competitive and prestigious grant award. 

Alain has presented his work at the Behavioural Finance Working Group Conferences, the Third Tunisian Society for Financial Studies conference, and the 2016 Midwest Finance Association US, BAFA annual conference, which was very well received, as well as the PhD Symposium at QMUL's School of Business and Management. 

Before joining QMUL, he worked as a market analyst at Franchising Way-Italy, as a Private Financial Trader. He was also involved in conferences and workshops at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and the European Central Bank in Germany. Alain is currently involved in finance courses at both undergraduate and postgraduate level.

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