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Professor Denise Ferreira da Silva

Professor of Ethics

Tel: +44 (0)20 7882 8414
Location: Mile End, Bancroft Building, Room 3.33


Denise  Ferreira da Silva
Office Hours: Thursday 14:00-15:00pm & 18:00 - 19:00pm


Undergraduate teaching:


Research interests:

Research interests:

Denise's areas of interest include political theory, feminist theory, globalization, law & human rights, Latin American & Caribbean Studies, and cultural studies. Denise intends to develop the following research agenda: (a) the formulation of a notion of Global Justice, which acknowledges and addresses the effects of present and past conditions of political (economic, juridic, and symbolic) subjugation; (b) the tracing and unweaving of the various layers and threads of the global matrix which, is a concept that describes the present global conditions of existence, and (c) the tracking and expanding of liberatory political moves and statements that may guide the delineation of a project of Global Justice that does not merely re-inscribe the limiting modern ontoepistemological premises.


Founder & Editor - Living Commons Press

Book Series

(2011-) co-Editor - Law and the Postcolonial: Ethics, Politics, Economics. London: Routledge
(2014) co-Editor – Indigenous Peoples and the Law



(2007) Toward a Global Idea of Race. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press.

(2013) Race, Empire, and The Crisis of the Subprime. W/ Paula Chakravartty. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press.


(2015) Law, Race, and the Postcolonial – A Handbook. W/ Mark Harris. London: Routledge/Cavendish.

(2015) Indigenous Peoples & the Law – A Handbook. W/ Mark Harris. London: Routledge/Cavendish.

(2014) Indigenous Peoples & the Law: Major Works. W/ Mark Harris. London: Routledge.

(2014) Postcolonialism and the Law: Major Works. W/ Mark Harris. London: Routledge.

In Preparation

No-Bodies: Raciality and Logic of Security in the Global Present.

A Critique of Racial Violence.

Human, Race, Rights. W/ Mark Harris & Colin Perrin. London: Routledge/Cavendish.  

Postcolonial Capitalism: Histories & Cartographies of Global Capitalism.     

W/ Rashne Limki. London: Routledge/Cavendish.

Special Journal Issues

(2014) Guest Editor – Special Issue Race and Post-Raciality. Cultural Dynamics (26): 1, March

(2012) Guest co-Editor – Special Issue on Race, Empire, and the Crisis of the Subprime. American Quarterly  63 (3), September. The Council of Editors of Learned Journal’s 2013 Best Special Issue Award (co-winner)

(2004) Guest Editor - Special issue on Race and Nation in Brazil. Social Identities 10 (6), December.

Peer-reviewed Journal Articles (Last 5 years)

(2014) Ninguem: Direito, Racilidade e Violencia. Revista Meritum.

(2014) “Toward a Black Feminist Poethics: The Quest(ion) of Blackness Towards the End of the World”. The Black Scholar, 44 (2)

(2014) “Transversing the Circuit of Dispossession. The Dispossessed Eighteenth Century, special issue of The Eighteenth Century: Theory and Interpretation, 55 (3)  

(2013) “To be Announced: Radical Praxis or Knowing (at) the Limits of Justice.” Social Text 31 (1 – 114), Spring

(2012) “Accumulation, Dispossession & Debt: The Racial Logic of Global Capitalism - Introduction.” American Quarterly 63 (3), September.

(2011) Notes for a Critique of the ‘Metaphysics of Race’.  Theory, Culture & Society 28 (1).

(2010) “The End of Brazil: An Analysis of the Debate on Racial Equity on the Edges of Global Market Capitalism.” Columbia University National Black Law Journal, 1 (1). 

(2009) “Evo Morales: An Outline of a Global Subject.” Seattle University Law Review/ Seattle Journal for Social Justice, 8 (1).

(2009) “No-bodies: Law, Raciality and Violence.” Griffith Law Review 18 (2), August.

Book Chapters (Last 5 years)

(2014) “Radical Praxis or Knowing (at) the Limits of Justice” in Edited by Sherene Razack and Suvendrini Perera. At the Limits of Justice. Toronto: University of Toronto Press.

(Forthcoming) “Race and Development” Robert Porter and Vandana Desai (Eds) The Companion to Development Studies, Third Edition. London: Hodde & Stoughton Lmited.

(In Press) “Before Man: Sylvia Wynter’s Rewriting of the Modern Episteme” in The Realization of Living: Sylvia Wynter and Being Human. Edited by Katherine McKittrick. Durham: Duke University Press.

(2013) “Accumulation, Dispossession, and Debt: The Racial Logic of Global Capitalism – An Introduction. W/ Paula Chakravartty. In Race, Empire and the Crisis of the Subprime. Edited by Paula Chakravartty & Denise Ferreira da Silva. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press.

(2011) “No-Bodies: Law, Violence, Raciality” in Critical Legal Theory (Critical Concepts in Law). Edited by Costas Douzinas and Colin Perrin. London: Routledge.

(2010) “Many Hundred Thousand Bodies Later: An Analysis of the ‘Legacy’ of the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda” in Sundhya Pahuja, Fleur Johns, Richard Joyce. Events: The Force of International Law'. London: Cavendish/Routledge.

(2010) “Despensar La Existencia Global: La analítica de la racialidad y la posibilidad de una justicia global,” Raza, etnicidad y racismos: debates a la ciudadanía republicana en el marco de la conmemoración de los Bicentenario de las Independencias en las Américas Negras. Editores CMRL; Agustín Laó Montes; César Rodríguez. Universidad Nacional de Colombia, sede Bogotá- CES – IDCARÁN;  Universidad de los Andes- Observatorio de Discriminación Racial, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, sede Medellín, Facultad de Ciencias Humanas y Económicas

Awards, Fellowships, Research & Travel Grants (Last 5 years):

(2014) International Visiting Research Fellow. Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies, University of British Columbia, Canada (Spring)

(2013) The Council of Editors of Learned Journal’s 2013 Best Special Issue Award (co-winner) for Race, Empire, and the Crisis of the Subprime. American Quarterly 63 (3), September.

(2013) Distinguished Visiting Professor. School of Law. La Trobe University, Australia (Autumn)

(2010) Fellow-in-Residence - Stellenbosch Institute for Advanced Study/Stellenbosse Instituut vir Gevorderde Navorsing – Stellenbosch, South Africa – Research Project: Genres of Critique, directeb by Prof. Karin Van Marle (Faculty of Law, University of Pretoria) and Dr. Stewart Motha (Law School,
University of Kent)

(2009) Research Grant – Committee of Research-Academic Senate - University of California, San Diego
– Project: “No-bodies: A Study of Racial Subjection in Australia and South Africa” 3

PhD Supervision

Current Doctoral Students

1st Supervisor - Rashne Limki, Donatella Bernardi

Public engagement

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