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Dr Adedoyin Atewologun


Lecturer in Organisational Learning and Leadership

Telephone: +44 (0)20 7882 6543
Room Number: Mile End, Bancroft Building, Room 3.30a


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Undergraduate Teaching

Postgraduate Teaching


Research Interests:

Broadly, Doyin’s research interests lie at the intersection of leadership, identity and diversity.  She is particularly interested in the identity work involved in making sense of complex, oppositional identities and leader identity development.  A current research project involves examining the career trajectories of demographically diverse managers and the learning opportunities therein.  Doyin has published in practitioner and academic journals including Journal of Managerial Psychology, Equality Diversity & Inclusion: An International Journal, and The Psychologist magazine.  She is Professional Insights Editor of Equality Diversity & Inclusion: An International journal.  Doyin is also a Chartered and Registered Occupational Psychologist, founding member and Deputy Chair of the British Psychology Society’s Division of Occupational Psychology (DOP) Diversity & Inclusion at Work group, a voluntary professional group of academic and practitioner members committed to implementing evidence-based approaches to maximise positive outcomes in diverse workspaces.  Doyin is a member of the DOP's International Strategy Group, the British Academy of Management and the Academy of Management. Doyin is also part of the Runnymede Trust 360 network of emerging leaders in race equality, and a member of the inaugural cohort for the DOP Leadership Development Programme, for future leaders of the Division.

Doyin holds Visiting Fellow positions at Cranfield School of Management and Lagos Business School.  She has over 10 years' experience in organisational learning and development including designing and managing assessment centres, leadership development, coaching and team building. She is a qualified business coach and is also qualified in psychometric testing in a range of tools.



  • Atewologun, D., Kutzer, R., Doldor, E., Anderson, D. and Sealy, R. (2017). Individual-level Foci of Identification at Work: A Systematic Review of the Literature. International Journal of Management Reviews, 19, pp.273-295.
  • Atewologun, D., Sealy, R. and Vinnicombe, S. (2015). Revealing Intersectional Dynamics in Organizations: Introducing ‘Intersectional Identity Work’. Gender, Work & Organization, 23 (3), pp.223-247.
  • Atewologun, D. (2015). Sites of intersectional identity salience. Gender in Management: An International Journal.
  • Adeleye, I., Atewologun, D. & Matanmi, S. (forthcoming). Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in Nigeria: Historical Context and Emerging Issues. In International Handbook of Diversity Management at Work (2nd ed), edited by A. Klarsfeld (Edward Elgar, 2013)
  • Atewologun D (forthcoming). Developing authentic leadership as a racial minority. In Reflections on Authentic Leadership:  Concepts, Coalescences and Clashes, edited by D. Ladkin and C. Spiller.
  • Atewologun, D., & Doldor, E. (2013). Women at the top: Where now, what next? Reflections on the British Psychological Society's Division of Occupational Psychology 2012 conference. Equality, Diversity and Inclusion: An International Journal, 32(2), 223-229.
  • Briner, R. B. and Atewologun, D. (2011). Managing ethnic diversity at work. The Psychologist, 24 (11), pp. 806-807.
  • Atewologun, D. & Sealy, R. (2011). Advancing racio-ethnic and diversity theorising through 'intersectional identity work'. In Leslie A. Toombs (Ed.), Proceedings of the Seventieth Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management (CD), ISSN 1543-8643. Transnational Student Paper Award 2011 (Academy of Management, Gender & Diversity on Organisations Division).
  • Atewologun, D. & Singh, V. (2010). Challenging ethnic and gender identities: An exploration of UK black professionals' identity construction. Equality, Diversity and Inclusion: An International Journal, Vol. 29 Iss: 4, pp.332 - 347.
  • Atewologun, A. & Showunmi, V. (2009) An account of the 2008 inaugural Equal Opportunities Conference held at University of East Anglia. Equal Opportunities International, Vol. 28 Iss: 2, pp.197 - 203

Conference papers


  • Atewologun, D. (2012).The nature and impact of inclusive and non-inclusive micro-behaviours on minority ethnic organisational members. Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Conference, July, Toulouse, France (Best Paper Award, Inclusive Leadership stream)
  • Atewologun, D. (2012).Intersectional identity work: making sense of intersecting ethnicity, gender and seniority. Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Conference, July, Toulouse, France.
  • Adeleye, I., Atewologun, D. & Matanmi, S. (2012). Employment equity and workforce diversity in Nigeria. Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Conference, July, Toulouse, France.
  • Atewologun, D. (2011). Making sense of difference: The intersectional identity work of Senior Black and Asian men and women. British Academy of Management Conference, September, Birmingham, UK. (Best Paper Award, Gender in Management)
  • Atewologun, D. (2011). An exploratory study of the intersectional identity work of senior minority ethnic women and men. British Academy of Management Doctoral Symposium, September, Birmingham, UK.
  • Atewologun, D. (2010) Making sense of intersecting identities: An exploration of the identity work of senior minority ethnic women and men. EAWOP Small Group Meeting on Managing Diversity in Organizations, Sept, Birmingham, UK.
  • Atewologun, D. (2010). Exploring senior minority ethnic women and men's identity-based sensemaking. Gender, Work and Organization, June, Keele, UK.
  • Atewologun, D. (2009). Exploring senior ethnic minority managers' sensemaking and identity enactment, British Academy of Management Conference, Sept, Brighton.
  • Atewologun, D. (2008) Exploring multiple identities in black and minority ethnic female and male managers. British Academy of Management Conference, Sept. Harrow, UK.
  • Atewologun, D. (2008). Exploring UK minority professionals' identity construction and navigation at work. Equal Opportunities International Conference, July, Norwich, UK.
  • Atewologun, D. (2008). Gender, ethnicity and the construction of professional identities. European Doctoral Programmes Association in Management and Business Administration (EDAMBA), Soreze, France, July.

Seminar presentations

  • Embarking on a research career. The Future of Education: New environments and new challenges for Black and Minority Ethnic researchers and academics British Educational Research Association Conference, University of Birmingham, June 2012.
  • Proactive Career Management for Minority Ethnic Professionals (with Audrey Campbell). Ethnicity at Work: The Value of Psychology, British Psychological Society Practitioner Conference, London, September 2011.
  • Identity work in diverse organisational contexts, Lagos Business School, October 2010.
  • The smallest impact: Micro-episodes and the identities of senior minority ethnic men and women at work. Institute for Socio-Management Research Seminar Series, Stirling Management School, November 2010.
  • The challenges and the triumphs - Starting out as a researcher in ethnicity and organizational psychology. Organizational Psychology and Ethnicity at Work: Research Agenda, Approaches and Perspectives, Birkbeck, University of London, July, 2008.

PhD Supervision

Current Doctoral Students

First Supervisor:

  • Anita Maharaj (PT), South Africa vs. UK: the role of situational and organisational factors in the facilitation or conflict of leader identities and their race/gender'

Second supervisor:

  • Chidozie Umeh
  • Lisa Morrison, 'A strategic analysis of the use of business practices for the purpose of developing sustainability in the nonprofit sector'
  • Kristen Neymarc (PT)
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