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Organisational Processes and Practices Research Group (OPPRG)


The Organisational Processes and Practices Research Group (OPPRG) at QMUL was established in 2013 initially as the Organisational Learning Research Group (OLRG). The scope and focus of the group has since broadened to include a wider range of themes relating to organisational processes and practices. The OPPRG is an interdisciplinary group of scholars from mainly organisation theory, sociological and psychological backgrounds.

We are committed to critical scholarship in researching the following broad topic areas:

  • Learning Experiences
  • Leadership and Management Learning
  • Organisational Learning & Knowledge Management
  • Leadership for Diversity and Equality of Opportunity
  • Consultancy and Organisational Development (OD)
  • Human Resource Development (HRD)
  • Work, Learning and Innovation
  • Technologies in the Workplace
  • Virtual Learning and Social Media
  • Public Pedagogies
  • Communities of Practice and Networks of Practice
  • Social Learning  
  • Change Management
  • Entrepreneurial Learning and SMEs
  • Management Education, Training and Development

Members have worked on the following illustrative projects: 

  • Diversity management in international consultancy organisations (Doyin Atewologun
  • Psychoanalytic approaches to organisations (Sadhvi Dar
  • Diversity and women on boards, male and female managers’ experiences (Elena Doldor
  • Leadership practices in UK educational institutions; EU student mobility and academic transfer systems; virtual learning environments and their issues; training and development competences in the UK; management development, HRM and financial performance; in the engineering, electronics and retail sectors; management education and development in the NHS; business schools and the MBA experience (Steve Fox
  • Medical technologies in healthcare organisations (Manuela Perrotta)

Contact: Professor Stephen Fox (

Within the broad research areas of the OPPRG, as scholars we focus on and are keen to supervise PhD students interested in more specific issues, for example:

  • Everyday naturally occurring interactions and learning in organizations; the practices of management and leadership; the world of management development; practical actions and practical reasoning; situated, learning, knowing doing; the affordances of technologies in the spatial, temporal and material environments of working life; communities and networks of practices, situated management and learning; strategic capacities and actions; practices of diversity management; management education; the micro-politics of change (Steve Fox).
  • Ethics and corporate social responsibility; psychoanalysis and psychology of organizations (Sadhvi Dar).
  • How is individual identity constructed and attached to work, shaping it and affected by it? How do everyday interactions influence who we come to be? The everyday identity work of senior black and ethnic minority people (Doyin Atewologun).
  • Women on Boards; women leaders; organizational politics; leadership and social influence; male and female experiences; diversity (Elena Doldor).
  • Technologies in the work place (Manuela Perrotta).


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