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Research students are an integral part of the School and we offer a thriving and supportive research milieu and excellent facilities for our students. These include a School Seminar Series, research events, reading groups (convened by research students in the School’s Research Centres) and the School’s annual PhD Symposium.


As a PhD student in the School of Business and Management you will enjoy office and desk space, computing facilities in dedicated graduate offices with networked computers, and access to the School’s research infrastructure.

In addition you will have access to a wide range of facilities and learning resources within the College and across the University of London. These include: the QMUL Library and other libraries within the University of London; the University of London Library at Senate House and the first rate resources of other libraries with London collections (e.g. the British Library); and graduate facilities in the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, including the Lock Keeper’s Cottage in the Campus’s ‘Arts Quarter’ bordering the Regent’s Canal (seminar room, a common room with kitchen facilities and three work rooms with additional computing resources).   


The first year taught programme will be delivered in conjunction with Goldsmiths University of London via the ESRC Doctoral Training Centre.

The School believes that training is a crucial part of the PhD process; helping you to develop the skills necessary to undertake the PhD and the further research and transferable skills that will enable you to develop a successful career post PhD. As a result, our PhD students follow a carefully designed training programme that covers both subject specific research skills and personal and professional development.

Training may usefully be divided in to two main components: relating to research and methodology skills (for example, research design, methods of data collection and analysis); and philosophy of social science.

Formal training is a compulsory component of your work as a postgraduate. Each student is responsible for formulating their own training programme, in consultation with their supervisor(s), from the different sources (School, Centre for Academic and Professional Development, College Careers Service, and externally) available to them – each students participation in training is reviewed via the Doctoral Record.

There are also opportunities afforded to our students through the School’s numerous research seminars and events as well the opportunity to undertake some paid teaching to help develop your teaching skills.

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