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There are opportunities for our students to undertake paid teaching work in the second and third year of their studies. This will help develop your teaching skills, and will provide you with invaluable insights into a key part of the academic profession. 

There are two dedicated careers consultants who work primarily with research students, Dr Tracy Bussoli and Gemma Garrett. They organise employability talks, workshops and networking opportunities for students. Alongside these events, PhD students have access to training and development opportunities through the Centre for Academic and Professional Development (CAPD). More information is available through the CAPD website.

Our PhD graduates have a number of exciting career prospects open to them. Recent PhD graduates in Business and Management have successfully entered a variety of employment areas, and many now have prestigious posts at top-ranking universities in the UK and abroad. Former students have also been recruited to influential positions in the business, corporate and governmental sectors. Careers followed by former PhD students include:

  • Dr Mostak Ahamed
    Teaching Fellow in Finance (Business and Management), University of Sussex
  • Dr Maryam Aldossari
    Lecturer in International Human Resource Management, University of Edinburgh
  • Dr Nadia Benbouzid
    Lecturer in Banking and Finance, University of Greenwich
  • Dr Dennis De Widt
    Associate Research Fellow, University of Exeter
  • Dr Mehmet Evran
    Teaching Assistant and Adjunct Teaching Fellow in M&A, Finance, UCL
  • Dr Gozde Inal
    Associate Professor, European University of Lefke
  • Dr Marrisa Joseph
    Postdoctoral Fellow in Entrepreneurship, Henley Business School
  • Dr Aylin Kunter
    Lecturer in Human Resource Management, Middlesex University
  • Dr Rashne Limki
    Lecturer in Marketing, University of Essex
  • Dr John Malamatenios
    Lecturer, University of Hertfordshire
  • Dr Ramin Nassehi
    Senior Teaching Fellow, SOAS
  • Dr Alex Pietrus
    Teaching Associate, Queen Mary University of London
  • Dr Simon Roberts
    Senior Lecturer in HRM/Organisational Studies, Bournemouth University
  • Dr Barbara Samaluk
    Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Greenwich
  • Dr Cathrine Seierstad
    Lecturer in  International Human Resource Management, Queen Mary University of London 
  • Dr Shannon Sutton
    Senior Program Officer, International Development Research Centre Ottawa, Canada
  • Professor Ahu Tatli
    Professor of International Human Resource Management and Director of PhD Programmes, Queen Mary University of London 
  • Dr Grigorios Theodosopoulos
    Lecturer in Accounting, Brunel University
  • Dr Eshref Trushin
    Senior Teaching Fellow in Economics, Durham University
  • Dr Aidon Wong
    Research Fellow, National University of Singapore
  • Dr Tessa Wright
    Reader in Human Resource Management, Queen Mary University of London
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