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BUSM080 Public Policy and Governance


1 (2016/17)



Module organiser

Professor Perri 6

Module overview

The module examines political accountability, media scrutiny and the role of public managers in policy-making processes. Distinctive features of public sector management are studied, as are the financial, contractual, regulatory and collaborative relations between public, private and non-profit sectors in the provision of public services, and their trade-offs and implementation challenges. It explores the development of performance measurement and management, and examines dilemmas of regulation. Issues of policy implementation are explored, drawing on recent findings from the "third generation" of implementation studies. It examines deepening relationships between local, national and international tiers of governance. Comparative analysis of trends in public management reform and types of implementation capability will be examined, and management challenges in international and global public authorities will be introduced (thus preparing students for the elective module on global governance and international organisations in the following semester).


100% coursework (30% critical essay and 70% analytical essay)

Indicative reading list

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