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Multinationals and Global Business BUSM028

BUSM028 Multinationals and Global Business


2 (2017/18)

Module organiser

Dr Thomas Kemeny


This module will examine theories and concepts of international business and focus on the emergence and evolution of MNEs and their changing organisational forms in the context of varying institutional and technological development in different geographical regions.  It will adopt transaction costs and evolutionary theories approaches to analyse the interplay of firm strategy and organisational forms, such as teh growth of networks, and the geographical and technological development of emerging market regions such as the BRIC countries.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the module you should:

  • have developed an understanding of the key drivers in the emergence of the multinational firm
  • be familiar with concepts of governance and linkages between governance, strategy and institutional development
  • understand key elements in theories about the varieties in economic systems and how these are affected by and affect multinational firms
  • be aware of and critical of theories that seek to explain the emergence and activities of MNCs
  • be able to relate empirical material about companies and cases to the various theories
  • be able to undertake comparative historical and economic analysis in a spirit of critical thinking

Key text

Dicken P. 2007 Global Shift: Mapping the Changing Contours of the World Economy, 5th edition


60% Exam, 30% Case Study, 10% Individual Presentation

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