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BUSM097 Leadership and Strategy in the Public Sector


2 (2016/17)



Module organiser

Dr Marie Bailey

Module overview

We explore principal theories, typologies (e.g., transactional and transformational) and styles of individual and collective leadership both in high office and at team level in public services, before reviewing research evidence on the effectiveness and otherwise of leadership on performance in public organisations. Particular attention is given to crisis leadership. The module questions the scope for deliberate, prior objective-driven rather than emergent strategy in the highly constrained and politicised setting of public authorities, reviewing recent more optimistic evidence for its prospects and its effects upon performance. Strategic capabilities required for both styles are considered. The role of stakeholder consultation in strategy development and legitimation is examined. The module contrasts growth and retrenchment strategies. Strategic issues in organisational and inter-organisational design are addressed, and processes of change management in the politically sensitive conditions of the public services are explored.


100% coursework 

Indicative reading list

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