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BUSM042 Knowledge and Innovation Management

BUSM042 Knowledge and Innovation Management


1 (2016/17)

Module organiser

Professor Maxine Robertson 


Managing knowledge and innovation are significant challenges for most organisations today. Both public and private sector organisations are embedded within knowledge based economies, in the developed and developing world. Managing knowledge and innovation effectively and efficiently can provide the basis of competitive advantage for private firms. Public sector organisations also need to establish ways of increasing connectivity and operating more efficiently in order to deliver services more effectively and to cut costs. These tasks demand the effective management of knowledge and innovation.

While we will discuss many tools, models and frameworks that can assist the management of knowledge and innovation, a core focus within the course is to critically analyse these ideas. Students are expected to use the ideas and models to ask good questions about managing knowledge and innovation in a wide variety of real-world contexts. When can innovation lead to worse, rather than better organisational performance? What do we mean when we talk about managing knowledge? Practically, are innovation and knowledge amenable to being managed? Can we separate knowledge from the people that have the knowledge and what knowledge are we referring to here? How does managing knowledge promote innovation? All of these questions and many more will be addressed, discussed, debated and revisited throughout this module


Learning outcomes:

  • Present a persuasive and systematic theoretical overview of key issues within managing knowledge and innovation;
  • Demonstrate critical awareness of current problems in theorising the management of knowledge and innovation informed by the latest academic research;
  • Critically evaluate business decisions around managing knowledge and innovation;
  • Integrate, question and suggest extensions to theoretical frameworks in this area;
  • Present the results of an analysis of a given managing knowledge / innovation case

Key text

Newell, S., Robertson, M., Scarborough, H. and Swan, J. (2009) Managing Knowledge Work and Innovation (2nd Edition), Palgrave


60% Exam and 40% Essay (3000 words)

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