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BUSM015 International Human Resource Management

About BUSM015 International Human Resource Management module description at School of Business and Management in Queen Mary University of London


1 (2015/16)

Module Organiser

Dr Hazel Conley


This module provides a critical evaluation of the globalisation of human resource management techniques and strategies from a number of perspectives.  Such an approach focuses attention on the political nature of human resource management at the level of the nation state and the organisation.  The first part of the module examines the history of IHRM as an academic discipline and as a management practice before exploring how far western, particularly Anglo-American, conceptualisations of people as human resources to be managed can be applied to a wider international context. By examining case studies of contemporary issues in relation to IHRM, the module seeks to identify what might be common (convergence) to the management of human resources and what might differ (divergence) between nations.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the module, you should be able to: 

  • understand what HRM is and what HR professionals do in an international context
  • critically analyse concepts such as globalization, convergence and divergence in relation to IHRM
  • identify strategies for effectiveness in utilisation of human resources and understand:
    • the internal and external factors affecting HRM policy and implementation
    • the context of national and international labour markets  
    • the nature of cultural aspects of the employment relationship
    • rights at work
    • terms and conditions of employment and the importance of the contract of employment
  • gain insight into the operation of business internationally, in particular institutional distinctiveness of HRM systems; economic and political strategies of firms as influenced by the national institutional framework
  • develop competence and readiness to conduct independent research on international human resource management


60% Exam  and 40% Coursework: Essay (2500 words)

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