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Accounting and Finance Dissertation BUSM066

Accounting and Value Management BUSM071

Accounting for Business Models BUSM070

Advanced Management Accounting BUSM067

Applied Empirical Methods BUSM112

Behavioural Finance and Decision Making BUSM085

Brand Management BUSM026

Comparative Employment Relations BUSM016

Complex Networks and Innovation BUSM132

Contemporary Issues in Accounting BUSM061

Corporate Finance for Managers BUSM030

Corporate Governance BUSM060

Corporate Reporting BUSM113

Dissertation - MPA BUSM083

Dissertation for Accounting and Management BUSM105

Dissertation for International Business BUSM103

Dissertation for International Financial Management BUSM101

Dissertation for International HRM BUSM102

Dissertation for Management and Organisational Innovation BUSM104

Dissertation for Management BUSM100

Dissertation for Marketing BUSM106

E-Marketing BUSM044

Economics of Development BUSM073

Entrepreneurship and Innovation BUSM133

Entrepreneurship BUSM134

Environmental Change: Economics and Policy BUSM135

Evidence-Based HRM BUSM136

Experiments for Business and Analytics BUSM160

Finance for Development BUSM020

Financial Analysis and Management Accounting BUSM107

Financial Markets and Institutions BUSM072

Financial Reporting BUSM054

Global Supply Chain Management BUSM091

Group Project in Business Analytics BUSM130

Human Resource Management BUSM110

Human Resource Management in the Public Services BUSM077

International Accounting BUSM059

International Business Analysis BUSM114

International Business Strategy BUSM089

International Finance BUSM115

International Macroeconomics and Finance BUSM041

International Marketing Communications BUSM024

International Reward Management BUSM049

Introduction to Marketing Management BUSM137

Introduction to Marketing Theory and Concepts BUSM094

Introduction to Social Sciences Research Methods (Delivered by DTC) BUSM081

Knowledge Innovation Learning and Organisations BUSM138

Leadership in the Social and Public Sectors BUSM149

Leadership Skills for Business Analytics BUSM139

Leading Organisational Change BUSM108

Management Consulting BUSM111

Management Control BUSM116

Managerial Economics BUSM051

Managing Diversity BUSM017

Managing Under Regulation BUSM140

Masterclass in Business Analytics BUSM131

MRes Dissertation BUSM093

Multinationals and Global Business BUSM028

New Product Development and Business Ecosystems BUSM084

Organisational Behaviour BUSM069

Project Management BUSM141

Public Financial Management and Accounting BUSM076

Public Management and Governance BUSM142

Quantitative Research Methods BUSM014

Relationship and Network Marketing BUSM096

Research Methods for Accounting BUSM143

Research Methods for International Human Resource Management BUSM144

Research Methods for Management BUSM145

Research Methods for Marketing BUSM098

Risk and Crisis Management BUSM117

Social and Political Marketing BUSM095

Social and Sustainable Innovation BUSM146

Strategic Analysis BUSM147

Strategic Management BUSM086

The Global Economy BUSM022

Understanding Consumer Behaviour BUSM058

World Economy and Development BUSM090

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