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BUSM068 Global Governance and International Organisations


2 (2016/17)

Module organiser

Dr Stella Ladi


The module examines the emerging structure of global governance and the role of international organisations. This includes both informal aspects, such as the pressure from Western states and international agencies for all states to adopt "good governance" norms and formal aspects such as the international organisations in areas like finance, trade, labour and the environment. The aim is to give students a solid historical and critical understanding of key developments and concepts such as the international financial institutions, the role of the United Nations, "good governance" and "global civil society" as well as a comprehension of policy making at the global level and the interrelationship between national, regional and international institutions and policy makers.

Accordingly it is interdisciplinary. It comprises of lectures, (1 session x 1 hour) and 11x 2 hours workshops. The module is arranged around:

  • Introduction: Global Governance and International Organisations
  • Good Governance As a Global Norm
  • Globalization and Policy Transfer
  • Democratic Accountability and Global Governance
  • Globalization and Europeanization
  • International Financial Institutions
  • Global Governance and Regional Organisations
  • Global Public Management Reform and the OECD
  • Global Environmental Governance
  • Global Health Governance
  • Global Civil Society


100% coursework


Key texts

Whitman, J. (ed.), (2009), Global Governance, Hampshire: Palgrave.

Wilkinson, P. (ed.), (2005), The Global Governance Reader, London and New York: Routledge.

Held, D. and McGrew, A. (eds.), (2002), Governing Globalization, Cambridge: Polity Press.

Seitz, J. and Hite, K. (2012), Global Issues, Malden and Oxford: Blackwell Publishers

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