School of Business and Management


BUSM023 Innovation and Global Competition


2 (2012/13)

Module organiser

Dr Giuliano Maielli


Technological and organisational innovation is the main source of competitive advantage and, therefore, one of the core elements of sustainable development and economic leadership.  Thus, education in business management would not be complete without an understanding of the industry and firm dynamics of technological innovation.

This module addresses innovation issues within the context of globalisation, development and corporate strategies.  We will approach innovation as a strategic process, beginning with assessing the context, and then moving on to address the formulation and implementation of innovation strategies.  Several strategic dilemmas within innovation will be addressed, such as standards battles and design dominance, timing of entry, choosing innovation projects, collaborative innovation strategies and the benefits of protecting or opening up innovation for competitive strategy.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the module you should be able to:

  • discuss innovation theory as it applies to various competitive business settings
  • understand the market, policy, globalisation and technology context for innovation
  • take a reasoned, well informed and justified position on core debates within innovation strategy
  • present the results of a strategic analysis of an innovation and competitiveness case
  • present a persuasive and coherent theoretical overview of given perspectives on innovation 

Key text

Schilling, M. 2010.  Strategic Management of Technological Innovation, McGraw Hill, Third edition. International Edition


75% Exam and 25% Coursework: 20% Essay (800-1000 words), 5% Seminar Participation

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