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Konrad Gryniewicz

Studied: BSc Business Management 
Now: Financial Management Assistant, Queen Mary University of London

Why did you choose to study at QMUL?
Queen Mary offered a unique campus experience in my favourite part of the UK. It became a Russell Group university at the time of my application, which also played a great deal in convincing me to enrol. On top of this, I had been involved with QMUL during my A level studies when I attended the Economics Masterclasses with the School of Economics and Finance. Through this programme, I got a feel of the teaching style and the facilities available which also convinced me greatly about the standard and about what to expect.

What is your fondest memory from your time as a student?
The School of Business and Management is fantastic at offering unique and exclusive opportunities to students through its various networks. At the end of my second year, I was selected to attend Europe’s largest Silicon-Valley style tech start up competition in Nice, France. I got a chance to work amongst the brightest entrepreneurs and industry leaders in a three week programme whilst leading my own business team in the development of my IOS application, Modafy. The programme put all the theory and skills picked up during my studies at SBM into practice. I developed a business from idea to prototype, through to pitching to venture capitalists.

How has your degree programme prepared you for your current role? 
The Business and Management course equipped me with a range of practical skills which are highly applicable across different professions. The presentation and group working skills I’ve picked up from a range of modules really benefited me not only in my current role, but in my previous placements too. On top of this, I’ve gained a fantastic insight into the accountancy profession. The accounting modules, together with the Company Valuation module, equipped me with the right excel skills to get a head start in my first accountancy role.

Overall, it is the ability and discipline to work independently which is really benefiting me now. On top of my full time work, I am studying for the CIMA professional exams, and without having previously experienced the pressures of academic deadlines, I would find the two much more difficult to balance.

I feel that my degree in Business and Management has undoubtedly contributed to and complemented my career aspirations. By the end of my first year as an undergraduate, I had a clear understanding of which professions I could put my knowledge and skills into use, and build on them. On top of this, the degree exempts me from the first five CIMA examinations, which makes my route to becoming a Chartered Accountant much shorter.

What do you enjoy most about your role?
As Finance Management Assistant, I get exposed to range of forward looking tasks. I support the Finance Partners with the budgeting, forecasting, payroll, and business case analysis, amongst other things, and this utilises a breadth of knowledge, both academic and everything acquired through work experience.

The thing I enjoy the most about this role is being able to see the impact it makes on the organisation. I am able to see how the decisions we make as the Finance Partnering team, shape the schools and the educational product we offer to students, both physically and at an organisational level.

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