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Financial Accounting (BUS021)

Management Theory (BUS228)

Quantitative Research Methods and Data Analytics (BUS229)

Business and Social Approaches to Social Media (BUS321)

Economics for Business (BUS017)

Business Analysis and Financial Accounting (BUS333)

Research Methodology (BUS007)

Microeconomics for Managers (BUS208)

Social Networks (BUS311)

Occupational Psychology (BUS215)

Financial Management (BUS306)

Corporate Finance and Strategy (BUS225)

Innovation and Entrepreneurship (BUS300)

Coordination and Social Dynamics (BUS206)

International Business (BUS304)

Quantitative Analysis for Business (BUS135)

Introduction to Marketing and Communications (BUS101)

Strategic Management (BUS222)

Accounting for Business (BUS106)

Advertising (BUS213)

Marketing (BUS011)

Entrepreneurial Learning (BUS230)

Operations Management (BUS002)

Organisational Behaviour (BUS127)

Managerial Accounting (BUS022)

Technologies in the Workplace (BUS223)

Gender, Management and Leadership (BUS327)

Global Supply Chains (BUS326)

Management Studies and Skills (BUS118)

Business Management Dissertation (BUS314)

International Corporate Reporting (BUS224)

Persuasive Strategies in Marketing (BUS220)

Introduction to Financial and Management Accounting (BUS134)

Business Computing (BUS337)

Advanced Accounting for Business (BUS216)

International Business Finance (BUS235)

Financial Accounting and Reporting (BUS332)

Organisational Learning in the Workplace (BUS221)

Strategic Marketing (BUS226)

Corporate Law and Governance (BUS329)

International Marketing (BUS227)

Work and Employment (BUS124)

Business to Business and Relationship Marketing (BUS335)

Sociology of Finance (BUS232)

Management of Human Resources (BUS324)

Markets and Society (BUS116)

Economics for Business and Society (BUS108)

Marketing Theory and Practice (BUS129)

Business Law (BUS205)

Human Resource Management (BUS014)

Employment Relations (BUS320)

Managing Public Services (BUS328)

Social and Political Marketing (BUS316)

Managing Knowledge-based Organisations (BUS322)

Fundamentals of Management (BUS001)

Governance and Business Strategy (BUS211)

Financial Institutions (BUS201)

Ethics and Business (BUS212)

Social Reporting and Accountability (BUS336)

Psychology of Leadership (BUS236)

Corporate Social Responsibility (BUS313)

Consumer Psychology (BUS318)

Corporate Governance and Accountability (BUS334)

Strategy (BUS204)

Creative Industries (BUS233)

Macroeconomic Modelling and Policy (BUS330)

Company Valuation (BUS331)

Management Studies and Skills for Strategic Managers (BUS131)

Managing Diversity (BUS305)

Business and Society (BUS107)

Quantitative Research Methods (BUS005)

Organisation and Identity (BUS302)

Organisational Change and Development (BUS317)

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