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August 2016

How the Nazis invented the Olympic torch relay and other modern Olympic traditions
22 August 2016

In true modern Olympic style, the end of the Rio Olympics was marked with a breath-taking closing ceremony. The carnival-inspired performance celebrated the culture, music and history of the host nation; an extravagant way of letting the world know what Brazil has to offer. The opening and closing ceremonies of the modern Olympic Games are amongst the most anticipated shows in the world, and have the ability to draw in a very large global audience.

Do the Olympic Games make you happier?
15 August 2016

'The Host with the Most? The Effects of the Olympic Games on Happiness', a new paper by the Centre for Globalisation Research (CGR), tries to answer the question of whether hosting the Olympic games can increase happiness in the host city. 

Dr Stella Ladi speaks to Euronews about Brexit
9 August 2016

Dr Stella Ladi, Senior Lecturer in Public Management at Queen Mary University of London, was interviewed on Euronews on Wednesday 22 and Tuesday 28 June. The two interviews focus on Brexit and the EU Referendum. The first was filmed before the results of the referendum were known, the second is a post referendum interview. 

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